Campaign Overview
This campaign will be set in the year 1999 in the Brave New World setting. Supers/Metahumans/Mutants are referred to as ‘Deltas’. The player’s begin the game as members of the government’s Delta Prime team a division of the Department of Justice.

This Ravaged Planet: A History

World War One: Peter Payne, an African-American sergeant on the front lines of the battle, is shot and apparently killed by an enemy sniper. He awakens as a delta, gaining the ability to walk through walls and phase into insubstantial smoke. His actions behind enemy lines as a spy end the war three months earlier than predicted by strategists, saving countless lives. He is the first recorded delta.
Shortly after the war, Peter Payne takes up the name “Silver Ghost” and becomes the first real superhero.

The Roaring Twenties: More “deltas”, humans with powers which defy the laws of physics, come to light, taking up their own costumed identities. Many become costumed heroes, winning the hearts and minds of the public with their daring efforts to keep America safe from all threats, both foreign and domestic. Others become supervillains, abusing their powers for their own gain.
The government begins construction on a top-secret prison designed specifically to hold superpowered criminals. Code-named “The Fortress”, its location is never made public.
The Yankee becomes the single most famous figure in all of America. Together with his sidekick, Sparky, he is responsible for saving Chicago from countless villains, both deltas and regulars.

World War Two: Immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States unveils its “Delta Squad” program. Deltas from all over the United States answer the call to help protect America. Alongside newly-awakened deltas and less-familiar faces are famous figures like the Yankee, Sparky, and Patriot. Peter Payne comes out of retirement to act in an advisory position.
Simultaneously, the other countries involved in the war unveil their own delta squads. Deltas clash on the front lines, and are a major determining force in the war.
Kapitan Krieg, commander of the Nazis’ delta squadron, captures the Yankee and Sparky. The two are badly beaten and sent to a death camp. They stage a prison riot, but are quickly defeated. Sparky’s body is placed into the incinerators while the Yankee watches.

Alpha Genesis: Sparky is not dead. When the oven is opened, he has become something new. Whereas in the past he had the ability to bounce bullets off his skin, he now has the ability to fly, fire lasers from his eyes, and punch hard enough to pulverize diamonds. He is the first recorded alpha.
Within four hours of his awakening, he has killed Kapitan Krieg and three-quarters of the Nazis’ deltas with his bare hands. Adolf Hitler’s bunker provides no defense, and with the death of the Fuhrer and his staff, Germany surrenders.
Sparky adopts the name “Superior”.

The Superior Age: Superior’s invulnerability makes America the world’s foremost superpower. Other countries unveil alphas of their own, but none are able to challenge Superior.
A new supervillain takes the stage. The man calling himself the Devastator is the only alpha able to go toe-to-toe with Superior and stay alive, even though he cannot outright beat him. The two clash many times.

The Red Scare: The Russians detonate their first atomic bomb. America places Project Manhattan as its top priority. Senator Joseph McCarthy founds his House of Un-American Activities Committee. The new Patriot, having inherited his mask from the original, is brought before the Committee, but shames McCarthy so badly that the HUAC is disbanded immediately afterwards. McCarthy retains his Senate seat and remains a figure of power until his death.

The Tragedy: President Kennedy is riding in a motorcade through Dallas, Texas. The Devastator sends a team of his soldiers, known as the Dreadnaughts, to kill the President. The Dreadnaughts, led by an alpha named Lee Harvey Oswald, succeed in destroying the President’s vehicle, killing the driver and first lady, before Superior arrives and defeats them. Oswald escapes, and remains at large to this day.

The Delta Registration Act: President Kennedy spends three days in a coma in Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. When he awakens, he pushes the Delta Registration Act through Congress, requiring all deltas to register themselves with the government for constant tracking of all their activities. The Bill of Rights officially no longer applies to deltas.
Superior founds Delta Prime, an organization dedicated to hunting down renegade deltas.

The Defiance: During his State of the Union Address, President Kennedy reveals the existence of the “Defiance”, an underground terrorist organization of deltas working to destroy the United States government. According to Kennedy, three-quarters of all unregistered deltas are members of the Defiance, and are coordinating in order to continue their campaign of destruction across the country.

Martial Law: Superior and the Devastator clash again, this time on a skyscraper above Manhattan. Devastator triggers a bomb planted beneath the building, destroying four city blocks. President Kennedy declares martial law in an effort to get the delta threat under control. This effectively renders the Constitution null and void. All citizens’ rights are suspended. Congress and the Supreme Court have no real power, but act in an “advisory capacity”. Kennedy, in effect, rules by decree.

Alpha Exodus: On July 4, 1976, Superior and Devastator clash for the final time, this time on top of the Sears Tower in Chicago. The Devastator threatens to set off a “doomsday bomb” if Superior does not surrender to him. In response, Superior calls together every alpha in Delta Prime for an all-out assault on the Dreadnaughts.
The Devastator’s bomb destroys everything in a twenty-five-mile radius. Chicago is literally wiped out of existence. Not even a trace of dust is left where it used to exist. At the same time, every alpha in the world not being held in one of the government’s specially-shielded prisons disappears. No alphas have awakened since then.

The Delta Wars: With Superior and the alphas gone, Delta Prime finds itself incapable of controlling the unregistered deltas of the country. The world is consumed by war, unregistered deltas fighting against Delta Prime and its foreign counterparts.
In the midst of this conflict, the meltdown of the Chernobyl reactor causes a brief but violent tactical nuclear exchange between America and Russia. Atlanta and San Francisco are destroyed.

Present Day: President Kennedy remains in office, having occupied it for over thirty years and sixty-three assassination attempts. Martial law remains in effect. Civil liberties are denied. Congress has no legislative power; all laws are passed by the President alone, with the Congress in “advisory capacity”. Deltas and suspected deltas are regularly arrested and jailed – or killed “resisting arrest”. Crime, violence, and death are commonplace. The government attempts to bring the Defiance under its control, using Delta Prime as its tool of choice. The Fortress (the location of which is still unknown) has been filled long since, and the government has finished construction of New Alcatraz, a second delta prison, in the lake where Chicago used to be. Crescent City, the new hub of America, has sprung into being around this lake.
And the most important news of the century: Patriot is dead.
Patriot, formerly one of the highest-ranking and most-decorated Delta Prime operatives in history, defected from his position in Delta Prime to join the Defiance. After ten years of being on the run and avoiding Delta Prime’s attempts to capture him, the Patriot was finally captured by a Delta Prime strike team, placed on trial, and found guilty of murder. He was executed by firing squad in the courtyard of New Alcatraz on August 4, 1999.

Brave New World

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